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As a Problem Expert, you’ll dive deep into understanding user needs and identifying real-world challenges.

Your focus is on ensuring the solution addresses genuine problems. You’ll gather insights, conduct research, and validate that the proposed solutions are desirable and impactful for the target audience.

As a Tech Developer, your role is to bring the solution to life by focusing on its technical feasibility.

You’ll work on the design, development, and refinement of prototypes, leveraging your technical skills to ensure that the solution can be built effectively using available resources and technology.



As a Business Developer, you’ll evaluate the business potential and sustainability of the solution.

Your goal is to ensure the solution is financially viable and aligns with market needs. You’ll work on creating a business model, conducting market analysis, and developing strategies to ensure the solution’s success in the marketplace.

However, the best part about TMS

is that you are not confined to your role!

  • You can explore other fields and learn from your teammates.
  • Develop communication skills with people from different disciplines and gain hands-on experience in project management.
  • This collaborative approach allows you to broaden your skills, gain diverse insights, and contribute more effectively to your team’s success.

What others say

Learn about TMS alumni experiences!

A unique combination of top academic learning and real-life experience, THINK. MAKE. START., is a 2-week lab course running at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) twice a year in both spring and fall semesters. It is a project-based course, which translates to an academic load of 180 hours.

With the support of specialists, experienced entrepreneurs, lectures on the best methodologies to assess technologies, validate markets, prototype… the teams create a minimum viable product (MVP) and lay the foundation to start a business. Teams who want to continue their projects can do so in the Startup Ecosystem of Munich. These projects are integrated into the  research of partner institutes and departements to provide scientific insights on innovation, teamwork and prototyping.

A two week course hosted by TUM Lab for Product Development and Lightweight Design, designed to foster innovation.

Giving students the chance to work on real world problems, exploring the potential of new technologies or challenges by developing new solutions.

Our goal is to promote innovation and facilitate the creation of new spin-outs at TUM.