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Batch #17

Winning Teams

THINK Award for the most convincing pitch and idea (Chosen by Audience)

Problem: Rheumatoid Uncertainty: Rheumatoid arthritis patients face daily uncertainty, struggling to track their inflammation accurately and make informed decisions. Delayed Care: Overloaded healthcare systems lead to prolonged wait times for blood test results, delaying vital medical care for patients.


Solution: InflammAid Empowers: InflammAid provides patients with real-time inflammation tracking, offering control and insight into their condition.  Timely Alerts: InflammAid delivers timely notifications, enabling early intervention and reducing the need.


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MAKE Award for the best Prototype (Chosen by Jury)

Problem: Foundation mixing is messy and takes a lot of time. Furthermore, it is hard to match clients’ skin color.

Solution: Foundation station is a device that scans your skin color & creates a personalized foundation, that perfectly matches your skin


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START Award for the greatest business potential (Chosen by Jury)

Problem: Craftsmen lack simple and reliable products to ensure their safety at work, specifically on ladders, without additional effort or time consumption.

Solution: GripMate by Craftsense is a smart ladder that supports Craftsmen by providing additional safety awareness & prevention for the most common ladder accidents.


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Batch #16

Winning Teams


THINK Award for the most convincing pitch and idea (Chosen by Audience)

Problem: Transitioning from the sitting to the standing position on the toilet

Solution: Mechanical spring system to support transitioning


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MAKE Award for the best Prototype (Chosen by Jury)

Problem: The elderly often can’t cope with today’s communication technologies, while young people don’t like to call them very often. Hence it is hard for grandparents to keep up with what’s going on in their family.

Solution:The Familio Home connects both generations using the means of communication both sides are used to: Young people can send images to the Familio home using telegram. The pictures then show up in the digital picture frame and grandparents can respond to them using the phone, which sends a voice message back to telegram

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START Award for the greatest business potential (Chosen by Jury)

Problem: In the automotive industry, assembly-line workers need to connect thousands of cable connections daily. Although the characteristic click sound indicates a proper cable connection, it can be difficult to hear in noisy production environments, resulting in misconnections and costly rework

Solution: an audio inspection device that analyzes the sound of the “click” to detect (in)correct cable connections. 

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A two week course hosted by TUM Lab for Product Development and Lightweight Design, designed to foster innovation.

Giving students the chance to work on real world problems, exploring the potential of new technologies or challenges by developing new solutions.

Our goal is to promote innovation and facilitate the creation of new spin-outs at TUM.