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You got 99 problems and but one more ain’t one.

The role of the problem expert in your future team is dedicated to the following interests of user testing, requirements engineering, interviews for deep-user-insight, human-centered design, use case definition, benchmarking and design thinking.

Give us problems, not solutions! 

You’re a T.E.K.K.I. !?

Your main interest is in mechanical and electronic  hardware, manufacturing, prototyping, CAD/CAM, embedded systems engineering, microcontrollers, sensors/actuators, Arduino, you name it! Your team need you! Now!



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Numbers, growth and competition are your favorite words!?

Then you can probably contribute exactly what many startups often lack. The vision for a sustainable business model. When your are also interested in Business Plan Strategies, Marketing & Sales, Finance & Accounting click on the red button!

A unique combination of top academic learning and real-life experience, THINK. MAKE. START., is a 2-week lab course running at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) twice a year in both Spring and Fall semesters. It is a project-based course, which translates to an academic load of 180 hours.

For each project, a team consists of 4-5 master students with optimal skill. Teams are formed within the first days of the course. Teams typically contain Business Design & Marketing, Software-, and Hardware Developer and a Problem Expert. Each Team gets a Mentor which guides them and helps during the journey.

With the support of specialists, experienced entrepreneurs, lectures on the best methodologies to assess technologies, validate markets, prototype… the teams create a minimum viable product and lay the foundation to start a business. Teams that want to continue their projects can do so in the Startup Ecosystem of Munich. Furthermore, these projects help further the scientific research conducted at host and partner research institutes on the topic of innovation, teamwork and more.

What others Say

Read about other students experiences with TMS

"The best thing about Think Make Start is the inspirational spirit and the huge motivation of each team member during the last days of prototyping, pitch training and sleepless nights."
Jane Doe
M.Sc. Environmental Engineering
"It's just incredible what you are able to built in such a short time. When diverse expertise comes together and the focus is clear you can do anything!"
Theres Schleger
B.Sc. Architecture
"Think, Make, Iterate! The learning curve is definitely kind of expontial in these days. I can just encourage all participants to be open for feedback, challenges and commitment."
Maximilian Maler
M.Sc. Software Engineering

A two week course hosted by

TUM’s Lab for Product Development and Lightweight Design, designed to foster innovation.

Giving students the chance to work on real world problems, exploring the potential
of new technologies or challenges by developing new solutions.

Our goal is to promote innovation and facilitate

the creation of new spin-outs at TUM.